About Me and stuffz.

Sup. This is where I feed my ego, right? Or, is it burst my ego? I never can tell.

{EDIT: I had to take the ‘about me’ from WordPress and shorten it, because on the style I use, it shows the ‘about me’ with every comment I make on my posts… therefore, the 8 paragraphs I had written up have to go here. Just sayin. It’s the last paragraph on here if ya wanna fast forward to an abridged version of me.}

I’m a single Dad (Grandpa now, actually. Fuck, I’m old. -_- ), disabled USMC Veteran, a hopelessFUL romantic, full-fledged Scorpio in every way there is to be a Scorpio. Not sure if owning and even breeding Scorpions counts, but I’ve done both. No, I didn’t breed with them, I bred them. I don’t believe in head games, and I don’t like anyone that gets off playing them with people’s hearts. Wait… how could someone play head games with a heart? Bah, you get the idea.

I’m a nature freak, a cat lover (to the point that with every cat I meet, I take a few ‘friends’ off of one of my online friends lists), and music is more a part of my life and in my soul than just about anything, other than my kids. I’ve got a 15 year old daughter, and a 27 year old son, who became a Dad last year! Welcome to the world, Rob Piazza III!! Or, as we chose to affectionately nickname him, “Q-Bert”, because we’re all gamer g33ks (video game QBert), and just g33ks in general (He’s Rob the third, or ‘cubed’, therefore Q-Bert). Neither of my kids live with me, firstly because there’s no way I could afford it – being disabled doesn’t pay much. Secondly, because my apartment is a studio – one room – and small. Not THAT small, it’d be sufficient for myself and a girlfriend if mine ever decides to take a step past making out and only seeing each other once every few weeks. Not even on our anniversaries – not even our 6 month one – nor either of our birthdays. Somehow, she’s always busy, always has appointments, never has time to come by. I live one town away – 9.6 miles away, a 15 or so minute ride – which always seems to be ‘too much running back and forth’ for the 5 times in our whole relationship that she’s been here. I dunno, I get the feeling I’m not too important or something… *scratches chin*

I’ve been a network/security/systems engineer and consultant for the past 20+ years, and there isn’t a machine or piece of electronics I haven’t worked on. Ok, I’m exaggerating. I’ve never worked on a quantum computer (yet) but after setting up my Intel Compute Stick these past 2 days, I could see myself having some sort of ‘mad scientist’ machine in here once I start getting social security (which I’ve been fighting for, for 15 years now… ridiculous.)  I don’t bother talking about politics (at all, ever.), or organized religion (rarely – I’m more Wiccan and Native American than anything else). I’m 1/2 Sioux and 1/2 Lithuanian by birth, but was raised Italian and Norwegian (I was adopted at 11 days old). Quite an odd combo, I might add. I’ve been on the intarwebz since irc was a ‘new thing’, and I’ve used this username (Master0fPuppets – or m0p/m0ppy/Mstr0fPpt/Mstr0fPpts depending on char limits… that still occurs from time to time, believe it or not) everywhere online possible, so if you’ve seen this name (spelled with a zero) before, it’s almost for sure that it was me, unless it was something illegal or immoral, of course. Then it was my evil twin cousin from Chicago. 😛

I’m not really on here to meet anyone – not that it’s a dating site – but I just wanna get that out there. There’s enough dating sites on the net if I wanted to pay for what can be done for free, ‘outside’ – it’s this kewl MMORPG – graphics are awesome, but sorta blurry the past few years, and the sound is even better, although the gain could be a bit higher. I only play it in the summer, but YMMV. I’m basically just on here to post my random shit, when I choose to. Create a website or blog or journal or poetry storage page, or some kinda shit when I get bored of playing ‘outside’. If you’re not afraid of brutal honesty and straight-forwardness, leave me a message somewhere – you may even get a laugh out of my tragedies. I know I do from time to time, to save myself from going completely bat-shit crazy *coughagaincough* 😉

This is the copied and pasted “About Me” from WordPress that I had to get rid of, so forgive me if I repeat myself, I just wanted to make sure I said everything that I wanted to say… so, here goes:

Proud Dad, Disabled Marine Veteran, Coffee aficionado, Cat and Nature lover, Network/Programming Engineer, and Music lover, but music isn’t just something I love, it’s part of my soul – the better part, actually. I’m cynical, I’m jaded, I’m suspicious of people that don’t like animals, I’m always up for some good conversation – albeit one of the rarest things in existence nowadays. I don’t like liars, or players of mind-games, or anything that’s going to waste what little time I have left on this thing we call home. (that means, if your intentions aren’t at least 75% pure, GTFO, and GTFO NOW.) On a positive note, I’m overly trusting, and usually of the wrong people, so if you’re planning to screw me over or try to hurt me in some way, it won’t be difficult at all. I have, however, changed my mind recently (5 February 2016 to be exact, the day my buddy Meowsi died. He was 15, and wasn’t a cat anymore, he was a human – just a bit short and hairy and walked on 4 legs. I miss him more than I miss almost anyone from my past.) about revenge… still have yet to act on it, but when I do, oh it shall be joyful, and totally worth it, and quite a bit of fun. Personally I’d prefer to pass up all that pathetic pish-posh, and enjoy life while I can, but I felt it the responsible and practical thing to do – mention that my retaliation will be swift, justified, and successfully more painful than whatever caused it to be rational. Enough about me, how about you? Do you like your eggs scrambled? Fried? Fertilized? Over easy? Do you live around here often? How about sports – did you see the tackle during that home run last night when the Rangers won the game and spiked the soccer ball over the net? Awesome, right? No, I’m not THAT blonde, but I’m not a huge sports fan… I can watch the hell out of a Yankee game from time to time, though. Other than that? Blah. I’ve seen paint dry with more intrigue. So, since my ‘about me’ clearly hasn’t scared you off (or maybe it has but you’re too curious to stop reading), maybe instead of believing what you read on the internet, check me out and actually have a conversation. You might enjoy it. Or not. Either way, ya definitely won’t have to worry about saying “Awww, I shoulda/coulda/woulda etc…” if you just say something to me somewhere, somehow, someday… right? *grinz*


One thought on “About Me and stuffz.”

  1. greeting and good wishes…am a fellow blogger at idreamofninjablog.wordpress.com and found your site via WP. your post comments straightshootin and personal…great approach. please add more wen u can.am online newbie(ish)…with two cats of my own…aussie born and bred tho ninja trained…and parttime rpg’er 2…take care…write lots and “cu” soon til next shiro.


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